RULES OF COOL is an original SAG Comedy Web Series about two girls coming of age in New York City
Executive Producer: Ashley Kate Adams & AKA STUDIO PRODUCTIONS
Co-Executive Producer: Tracy Goldberg
Associate Producer: Hope Tree Entertainment
Creators: Caitlin Cooke & Lacey Jeka
Head Writer: Lacey Jeka
Director: Patryk Larney
AD: Janine Lee Papio
DP: Andy Strohl of Strohl Media and Kevin Crisp 

Caitlin Cooke
Lacey Jeka
Ravi Roth
Jake Robinson
Ashley Kate Adams
Robert W. Smith
Bryan Langlitz
Allen Kendal
Kenny Santucci 
Dustin Bamberg
Alyssa Stonaha 

Original Soundtrack for the Series Featuring: 
Bridges & Powerlines
The Hart Strings
Rachel Potter
Caleb Hawley
Mieka Pauley
Barnaby Bright 
The Connection ..... and more
Episode Highlights from Season 1 - To view the full series visit Rules of Cool Series Online