A new play by Diana Amsterdam 

Tune in. Turn on. Get out.
Free love is put to the test when a group of friends are forced to confront the reality of a sex, drugs, and rock n' roll lifestyle as they attempt to dodge the Vietnam draft.
Design by : Janine Lee Papio

Design by : Janine Lee Papio

On December 1st, 1969 the lives of four boys in a rock and roll band change forever.

When Mick and Sidowsky pull low numbers for the Vietnam war draft, Mick keeps his cool—for a while.  He swears the band will stick together.  He vows that if Sidowsky gets drafted, he will go, too. But when it comes time for his physical, Mick panics.   He agrees to make a deal with Dr. Wall, a notorious antiwar doctor.  We soon find out that the deal was more of a bargain.


 Mick must choose between this immoral dodge and Vietnam.   This impossible choice tests his sense of brotherhood, and shatters his idealism—ending the mythic sixties.



Note: The Dodgers is not a musical, although there may be music of the era as part of the production.


Plays published by Samuel French, Broadway Play Publishing, Smith and Kraus, St. Martins Press and Playscripts.  Carnival Round  the Central Figure produced fall 2013 in Berkeley and Dallas. She is a New York State Council on the Arts grant recipient, winner  of three BBC commissions, and First Prize winner in New York  Women in Film and TV’s 25th Anniversary Screenplay Contest.  Career ranges from the #1 most popular blogger on JDate to rave  reviews in the New York Times. Amsterdam lives in Brooklyn and  makes her living as a writer.